How To Use Our Services To Increase Your Revenue

Our services are the perfect match to your agency business model - we deliver the expertise to create a lot of value for your customers and you can monetize it via one-time projects or monthly retainers.

Shopify Development

Do you have demand for Shopify stores but no experience with the platform? Or ecommerce development just isn't your main focus?

We use our optimization expertise to build more than just beautiful Shopify themes, but the ones that sell and generates more revenue.

  • Stress-Free Project Management
  • Built-In Ecommerce Optimization
  • 3-Month Warranty
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Shopping Experience Audit

Get in-depth, data-driven audit of your customer's online store including an actionable plan to optimize it.

You'll have one-time revenue from fixing the quick wins and a great chance for a monthly retainer engagement.

  • Data-driven Optimization Strategy
  • Instant 70+ Hour Project
  • High Chance Of Monthly Retainer
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Conversion Optimization & Personalization

Increase your monthly recurring revenue with continuous optimizing of your customer's online store.

We can handle the whole process for you or just create a strategy and lead your developers in the right direction.

  • Increased Monthly Recurring Revenue
  • On-call Ecommerce Optimization Expert
  • Flexible Engagement Model
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4 Good Reasons Why Working With Us Is A No-Brainer

Do you have more agency partnerships? We'll be a breath of fresh air. Our result-oriented culture is infectious and your team and customers will appreciate we're not just shooting in the dark, but using the latest tech and data to deliver measurable improvements.

#1 We're Data-Driven

Every improvement, every recommendation you’ll get from us is backed by data about customers’ shopping behavior. There is no room for guesswork when it comes to optimization.

#2 Ecommerce Focus

We only help ecommerce companies because we understand the specific requirements when it comes to finding the "buy button" in shoppers' brain to increase actual sales.

#3 Mobile-First Approach

Mobile is already the busiest storefront for most retailers. We deliver a unique approach to attract visitors' attention, trigger their purchase behavior and provide hooks to make shopping a habit.

#4 AI Personalization Engine

Our own AI-driven engine personalizes every step of customer purchase journey to make sure they always see only relevant offers and purchase triggers. It's the true 1-to-1 shopping experience.

Our Clients Love Us, Yours Will Too!

Over 71 ecommerce companies have enjoyed our data-driven approach to improving their sales and understanding customer behavior. But what really counts are the results - up to +276.6% in sales and 29x average ROI.

"The conversion analysis provided by Pixelter has been the most thorough and relevant audit I have ever received. The information provided was invaluable in delivering a much higher quality user experience and a noticeable increase in conversions."

Claire Simon Director,

"The audit of our store was very insightful. John discovered 50+ issues and explained the best solutions to fix them. It helped us to improve our mobile experience and get the most of our holiday shopping season. Very happy with the results."

Dan Toffel Director,

"John created a new Shopify store for Entomo Farms and he put a lot of effort into understanding our customers. He focused on explaining what makes our products so unique and helped our customers overcome their hesitations. It really helped us grow our online sales."

Ryan Goldin VP of Sales & Marketing,

"We have worked together for a number of years now and John has helped us completely transform our e-commerce site and improved all our KPIs. John takes an invested, hands-on approach to his work and he’s really passionate about it."

Wendee Lee Director,

"Working with John was a breath of fresh air. He's excellent at what he does and delivers top notch results. He make's technical, analytical data make perfect sense and went above and beyond for us. I highly recommend John as he's a true professional."

Jeribai Tascoe Creative Manager,

"John's team delivered the expertise we needed. They took the time to understand our business and rebuilt our mobile site to make it easy to use and to communicate our brand values. We saw great results in our conversion performance."

Patrick Crowley Director,

Already Helped 71+ Ecommerce Clients:

About Us & You

Hi there! I’m John, the founder of Pixelter. There is one thing I'm really passionate about – delivering the best mobile-first shopping experience.

Hi there! I’m John, the founder of Pixelter. There is one thing I'm really passionate about – delivering the best mobile-first shopping experience.

John Komarek Founder & Ecommerce Expert

Over the last 5 years, we discovered how great we work side-by-side with our client's existing digital agencies.

The combination of helping you improve your agency's results, increase your billables and grow client's online sales is the win-win scenario.

How do we do it?

We provide the much needed (yet hard to find) expertise required to deliver data-driven optimization strategies including Data Analysis, UX, AI Personalization & Psychology.

You'll never find an employee who can deliver what we do, but you can get an instant access to our know-how today and we can work together.

John Komarek Founder & Ecommerce Expert

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