[Video] 5 Biggest Mistakes On Ecommerce Product Pages (+ Case Studies)

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Your Product page is where the purchase decision is made and you have only a few seconds to give your customers a reason to buy your products.

Remember, a product page is very often a landing page for many visitors so you need to make a great first impression.

I’m gonna show you 5 biggest mistakes on ecommerce product pages that can kill your conversions.

#1 Missing Unique Selling Propositions

Why should customers buy from you and not your competitors? That’s the question you need to answer directly on your product pages.

Don’t just use the classics like free shipping or free returns. Everybody does that. You should identify what makes your online store unique.


It can be related to your products, such as used materials or hight quality.

Or do you have a unique business story? Compare your store to competitors and identify your strengths.

The Little Green Sheep has a great example of unique selling propositions.little-green-sheep

They produce high-quality baby mattresses and the organic materials are something that makes them stand out of the crowd.

#2 Missing Social Proof

Your customers don’t want to be the only ones who make a purchase of your products. They want to follow the crowd.


Show them there are other people buying the same products and the fact they enjoy using it.

The easiest and most common are product reviews. The data show that 63% of customers are more likely to purchase from your site if you have product reviews.

Let’s see how Aussie Hair Products handles that. They highlight review summary on the top and give you access to the full list of reviews on the same page.


Another option is showing live data. Argos implements it on their product pages and shows you a number of recent purchases and a number of people interested in the product.


Both of these options make your customer feel more confident about their product choice.

#3 Product Descriptions Are Difficult To Scan

Long product descriptions are great, but if your customer spends only 4 seconds scanning a product page, they’ll never read it.


Research suggests that people read only 16% of the words on the average web page.

You need to catch their attention quickly and highlight the main points directly below a product name.

When you engage your customers, they are very likely to spend more time on your store, read the full product description and purchase from you.

A great example is Made.com They have amazing product descriptions showing you the top product features and benefits.


And also longer engaging content to make customers fall in love with their products.

#4 Not Creating Urgency

Without any urgency, why should your customers purchase today?

It’s very easy to get distracted, especially on mobile devices. They’ll just delay their purchase for tomorrow or the weekend.

The thing is, many of them will never return to your site again.

Naked wines include a time limit to finish your purchase and get next day delivery.


The countdown creates an urgency because your customers want to have the product as quick as possible.

The other options are limited stock or limited time for provided discounts. Just make sure you don’t over-use it.


If they know they need to act quickly, they won’t delay their purchase decision and do it right away.

#5 Not Addressing Customer Concerns

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. What’s your biggest concern when shopping for your products?

If they don’t get their answers right away, they won’t stick around trying to find out. They’ll just leave.

It can be delivery time, product size, materials, health concerns. Anything.


Every audience is different so you should do qualitative research to find the concerns from your own customers.

Williams Sonoma handles this very well. They sell cookware and One of the main concerns of their customers is the quality of the used materials.


They include the details directly in the product decision so everyone can find it very easily.


That was 5 biggest mistakes that can ruin your product page conversion rate and cost you many sales every day.

So how many of them do you make on your online store?

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