9 Smart Ways to Capture Emails from Your Website

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Email capture is one of the biggest assets you can have for your business.

The more email addresses you can collect and the better your relationship with every one of them becomes, you can grow your revenues and conversions significantly.

Growing your email list is essential in making a credible online presence too. But while businesses happily dedicate significant resources and time accumulating emails, the process often annoys people as some employed techniques affect their experience of the site.

Sometimes it gets worse that people abandon it and vow never to return.

In this article, we will cover the nine smart ways to capture email addresses from your website without negatively affecting the experience of your users.

#1 Encourage customers to make a purchase with incentives

When there is an opportunity to save money or get a free gift, people are more than willing to give their email addresses in exchange of it.

Email capture from incentives is a fantastic way to start growing your email list.

capture emails with incentives

Similar to the example above, you can offer a 50% discount and a free shipping incentive to entice your first-time visitors to sign up for your newsletter. It’s a form of instant gratification that anyone will willingly oblige to.

Most first-time visitors to ecommerce shops won’t make the purchase during their first visit.

There are many frictions to deal with, such as they are unsure if they can trust you or they want to check if your prices are right. Some may even be just canvassing online on a product they are already intent on purchasing.

A great way to reduce that friction is to let them join your email list and receive newsletters from you.

This is a great way for them to be acquainted with your business, the products you offer and the brand of customer service you have.

collect emails with incentives

And should your first-time visitors not be so willing to share their email addresses even with your incentive, keep on trying.

Every time they visit your site is a chance for you to politely ask their email and lay down your email capture form in front of them.

#2 Have exclusive access to your offers

And a good way to make that access very exclusive is to capture email addresses and send it out to your recipients’ inboxes.

There are benefits to be gained if your offers are sent out on a regular basis via email. As people who come and visit your site have different preferences and needs, the best way you can appeal to all interests is to produce exciting offers regularly.

If you are a clothing retailer, the offers you send out should circulate around the different product categories and brands you are selling.

Similarly, marketing via email is a great conversion booster. Never underestimate its 4,300% return on investment.

capture emails through exclusive offers

Diverse offers sent out regularly via email will surely help entice your recipients to take action – to check your products out and add them on their shopping carts.

Don’t forget to add a scarcity element to your offers too. An expiry date is the best motivation for them to act faster.

#3 Display a subscription box in your blog posts

Do you keep a blog for your business?

A blog is a popular medium for content marketing and can help you keep your visitors engaged and your organic ranking high.

To let your visitors stay updated with your posts, have a subscription box or an email capture form. You can place this on your blog page or on your specific posts labelled “Subscribe to our blog posts via email” or a “Stay in the Know” like the one below from TopShop.

capture emails with subscription box

To capture email addresses on your blog is by far the easiest way to grow your list. And if you happen to have a more thorough version of a blog post you just published, you can offer the comprehensive version as a PDF your recipients can download via email.

Make your email capture forms and subscription boxes large and easy enough to see on your blog page.

Keep it at the top part of the page (not at the bottom) and on the right side to follow the pattern of left to right reading.

Label the field with a CTA (“Enter your email address here”) just above the main subscribe or submit button.

#4 Make that subscription box sticky

To make your subscription box convert more, display it on top of your blog page and let it stay on the screen as your visitors scroll up and down.

Because the subscription box always remains in sight, it will get more attention and hopefully more conversions.

Blog pages of several sites have improved their number of email subscribers by making the subscription box sticky on the page. For ProBlogger, their number of subscribers went up by 25%, thanks to the sticky subscribe box. It’s a strategy that is worth the shot.

If you are using WordPress for your site, there are tons of plugins you can use to fix your subscription box on your page. Hello Bar is also a tool you can use to keep it sticky.

#5 Have a popup as one approaches the end of your content

If you are already capturing email addresses, but you do not find it enough, you may consider inviting your readers to subscribe and share their email addresses as they approach the end of your content.

Sometimes, readers make the decision to subscribe after reading what you have written and it is perfectly logical.

Triggering a subscription before they start reading may be a decision they won’t be able to make right away.

Have some pop-up triggers in place on your blog that will tell you when a user is done reading what you have written.

This way, your invitation to subscribe won’t be a distraction. There are plugins you can use on WordPress to help you know when to trigger your pop-ups.

capture emails with a popup

Similarly, you can follow this approach when your visitor signals an intention to totally abandon your site. Exit-intent popups may have a bad reputation, but when implemented properly, it is known to drive 1,375% more subscribers back.

#6 Implement a registration process on your site

Did you know that requiring registrations during a purchase can increase captured email addresses by 58%?

It makes sense to track your customers’ orders via email aside from using their phone numbers and you can use the email address they used to register for future marketing purposes.

Even if you do not make registration necessary during checkout, make it an option nevertheless on your site. This will provide you with a wealth of user information.

Make your registration process count with these five easy tips.

Make it easy to find. Design conventions dictate that account logins and registrations should be found on the top right corner of a page.

While you can implement yours just the same as Sears below, make sure it is easier to find by having a big overlay. The easier it is for your users to know where the login and registration options are, the quicker they can convert.

capture emails with account registrations

Take advantage of social logins too. These are popularly used for many reasons. First is because it is easy to use. It offers a less complicated registration process, which helps increase user satisfaction while at the same time reducing time and effort.

It is also an effective way to prevent your visitors from forgetting their usernames and passwords.

create accounts through social logins

But more importantly, social logins allow you to have access not only to your users’ network of friends, but also to the pages and the brands they follow.

You can get insight on their interests and you can use these in personalizing your product recommendations for them in the future.

Shorten your email capture forms. There are tons of sources for friction, and one of them can be in your registration forms.

Ask for the basics first like their email address, preferred username and password and then ask for other information later like shipping address, phone number, billing information, and more during checkout.

email capture forms should be short

Comparing the forms above, you know which one is less painful to fill out and which one is not. When it is simple and with just a few fields to answer, there will be many users who will opt to accomplish it.

Give very clear instructions. Guide your visitors as they go through your registration process. On your forms, give out clear instructions like the ideal number of characters for the username, the strength of the password you require, the format of birthdays, etc.

And if certain information need to be supplied in all upper case or in special characters, provide it clearly as well.

account registration should have clear instructions

Like NewEgg, you can add instructions per form field. For mistakes, highlight the field in question and specify what needs to be corrected.

This is better done as the form is being filled out as opposed to notifying the user of errors once the CTA button to finalize the submission is clicked on.

Reduce distractions. Aside from your checkout page, keep your registration page clean and free of unnecessary page elements.

And once you have implemented these steps and your registrations are starting to grow, respond to your new account holders immediately. Start it with a warm welcome email followed by tastefully written marketing messages after.

#7 Dedicate a special landing page just for email capture

If you are serious to collect email addresses from website, dedicate a special page just for it. Did you know that this can significantly increase your captured email addresses by 50%?

Optimize a landing page solely for your email subscriptions.

Make your incentive appealing to attract your site visitors to share their email addresses, design the page well with your logo and brand colors, ensure the CTA button is noticeable and insert social proof if you have any.

dedicated landing page for email capture

Blogging Wizard shows a neat example above of an optimized landing page dedicated for email capture. The noticeable CTA button “Click Here to Subscribe Now” is surely attention-grabbing.

Bonus: Aside from a dedicated email capture page, consider staging a warm welcome on your homepage with a home featured box.

This box will greet your visitors as they arrive on your site and immediately present them the option of receiving your exclusive deals and news on their inboxes.

dedicate a landing page for email capture

Have a home featured box similar to the example above. As the homepage is the most visited and the most authoritative page of a website, you have a big chance of growing your email list by placing the invitation there.

#8 Invite users to participate in your surveys

Surveys alone are great sources of consumer insights and it can be an equally powerful tool in building your email list.

Aside from giving your visitors an incentive whenever they participate in your survey, make sure to capture their email addresses too as a way of starting the survey.

Similarly, you can invite your users to take fun branded tests you can creatively come up with for increasing engagement.

Although not an ecommerce brand, Cosmopolitan Magazine invites its readers to participate in its tests with interesting topics ranging from who is your Hollywood style peg to what’s your purpose in life.

email capture through surveys

It is up to you to request for the email before the survey or the test starts. What is important is to promise to send the incentive or the test results via email.

#9 Collect email addresses offsite

Especially when you also have a physical store for your business, you are hosting an event or you are part of a trade show, take advantage of the opportunity of being face to face with your potential customers to generate leads and grow your email list.

Have an email capture form on your counter or place a fishbowl at your registration table during your events where people can put in their calling cards – complete of course with their email address.

Tools to collect email addresses from website

In order to capture email addresses effectively all without annoying your site visitors, make sure you have the following tools at your disposal:

If you are keen on having your email capture form as a pop-up, you can use tools like:

If you want something less intrusive, you can opt for header bars that are just as effective in capturing email addresses. Header bars are sticky headers that always remain on top of a website. Below are tools you can use:

For sidebars, forms, widgets and on-page options, below are some tools you can use:

And if you want to create a special and optimized landing page just for email capture, use the tools below:

Let these tools get you started and as you discover more ways to improve your email capture ways, go ahead and use them on your site.


Capture email addresses smartly with the nine ways we just discussed. Also, take into consideration these three essential elements – selection, timing and behavior – in your process.

Selection. There are definitely more than nine ways to collect your visitors’ precious email addresses. But always keep in mind that it is essential to consider which method works best for your visitors.

That said, it is a matter of testing and studying your data so you will know which one is best implemented on your site. Popups may be known to have high conversion rates, but make sure this applies for your case too.

As you go through your selection process, do not forget to take a look at your heat maps, inspect for areas in your site which receive the most clicks and apply some of the methods we have just covered in those areas.

Timing. Especially when it comes to your email capture pop-ups, these should not appear once the 60-second mark has passed. What this means is if the pop-up appears before 60 seconds, there is a chance that your conversion rate will drop.

But if you wait too long, you might miss a potential number of visitors. Know the proper timing for your popups by testing and studying your heatmaps.

Behavior. Controlling the manner in which you capture emails is a critical factor in this whole process. If you do not control your behavior, it can annoy your visitors, increasing your bounce rate and making you lose so many potential conversions.

For instance, have a caching system in place. Ideally, set your cache to 10 to 15 days. This way, a person who recently visited your site won’t be presented with your email capture materials in that particular period.

And finally, work on the quality of your email content. If people always find it remarkable and engaging, your visitors will be more than willing to opt-in your email list. Be creative in your copies, in your offers and always speak in your chosen tone for cohesion.

What about you – how do you capture email addresses and which ones have worked for you effectively?

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