How Mobile Ecommerce Website Boosts Your Sales

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A mobile ecommerce website can significantly boost your business better than you could have imagined. Think about how many times you’ve been out and about and were browsing sites on your phone. Maybe you were waiting on a long line at the post office, or you were commuting home via train, but wherever you were, you needed something to keep yourself occupied.

Nowadays, whether they’re sitting on their couch at home or running errands, many love browsing e-commerce websites from their phone, and reportedly, two out of three customers prefer accessing a mobile site rather than an app. Here’s where you come in. Many sites deliver a sub par experience to users who check them out via their phones, but you can stand out and be different from the rest.

Be the site that offers them a fantastic experience every single time. Let people know that, when they browse your site, they’re not only getting top quality products, but a shopping experience of the highest caliber. Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out how a mobile ecommerce website can boost your sales.

Get better search results on mobile devices

High rankings in a search engine means the higher the chances are that you’ll get visitors to your site. More visitors means more buyers, and more buyers means more sales. Did you know that Google recently announced that a site’s mobile-friendliness is now a worldwide ranking signal?

Mobile ecommerce website google friendly(Image Source)

That’s great news for you if you decide to take the next steps and revamp your mobile site. You can also literally put your retail store on the map by making it visible during local search results, which might not seem like a big deal, but considering that 78 percent of mobile searches for local business information result in a purchase, it could mean big things for your sales numbers.

It’s a must to ensure that your mobile ecommerce website is optimized for mobile shoppers. Not sure how your site stands up? Use the Mobile Friendly Test to check it out.

Improves conversion rate on mobile and tablets

Chances are you’re not going to land a customer the first time they visit your site, but that’s okay because there’s always another chance to reel them back in. Before an online shopper makes a purchase, they use approximately 2.6 devices over the course of 6.2 visits before they even buy anything.

mobile ecommerce website conversion(Image Source)

Phones are a huge and convenient way for shoppers to find what they want and need, especially when it comes to finding new products. A clean user interface means an increased chance of more money for you. Isn’t it worth the time and effort to make it happen?

Provides fast loading & performance

We all have a lot to do in a day and usually not enough time to do it. It means we want information quick and painlessly, and we certainly don’t want to wait several minutes to let each website load. Who has time for that? Your site should be as fast on the phone as it is on a desktop.

One second doesn’t seem very significant, right? Well reportedly, that one little second, when it pertains to a delay in website viewing, can hurt conversion times as well as cart size by as much as 3.5 percent. That little single second holds a lot of weight.

mobile website loading speed(Image Source)

When pages are slow, potential customers aren’t going to sit around. They’re going to go elsewhere and take their money with them, and 30 percent say they won’t return. Can you blame them? Just like high quality products will promote repeat business, an excellent website will encourage the same. Don’t wait for customer feedback on your mobile ecommerce website. Test it out yourself on various devices, and test it often, to ensure it’s running smoothly and efficiently.

Focus on simple checkout process

When shoppers are on your mobile ecommerce website, it shouldn’t be difficult for them to make a purchase right from their phone. To ensure a streamlined process, it’s vital that you request only the most critical information, such as name, shipping address, etc, and provide the option for them to check out as a guest. Incorporating mobile payment systems such as Google Wallet can also help.

mobile ecommerce website checkout(Image Source)

Essentially, the process shouldn’t be confusing, require a lot of thought, or take a lot of planning. The more time they have to think about buying, the more time they have to reconsider their purchase. Forget all the extras and just concentrate on giving the public what they want – your products.


Take a look at sites you know are successful and see how they operate. Consider what you love and hate about shopping on their sites, and implement your findings and opinions into your own site. Learn from other people’s mistakes so you don’t make them yourself. Almost half of all retail Internet minutes (44 percent to be exact) are spent on a phone, while 11 percent is spent on a tablet.

Those numbers are high enough that they should encourage you to revamp your mobile site to make it more user-friendly. When you make shopping easier on your mobile ecommerce website, you may be surprised just how much your traffic and sales increase.

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John Komarek is the founder of Pixelter. He helped over 63 e-commerce businesses boost their mobile sales by up to 183.5%. He uses advanced UX research, A/B testing, and AI-driven personalization to deliver the results. Learn more about how he can help you grow your sales.

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