The Company

Entomo Farms is the largest North American producer of insect-based food products focusing on ecommerce sales channel. They have grown to 60,000 square feet of production space and supply its insect protein to millions of customers around the world.


Most of their website visitors have doubts and hesitations about easting insect-based food. Their website didn’t answer all their customer questions and didn’t motivate them to try the new paradigm of sustainable super-food.

The mobile user experience of their original website made it very difficult to understand nutrition values and benefits of their products. It resulted in very low conversion rates and high customer acquisition costs.

Our Solution

We analyzed their website engagement to identify the main roadblocks in their conversion funnel and performed customer research to understand the reasons why they don’t purchase.

The collected insights were eye-opening – they had many questions about the nutrition values of their products, how they compare to regular protein sources, how does it taste or what is the main reason to risk buying something they never tried.

We used their existing branding and design guidelines to build a new Shopify store focused on answering all the questions. We created a very prominent position of their product reviews to provide social proof and we created many visual elements explaining the nutrition benefits of their products.

Our mobile-first approach resulted in the implementation of many micro engagements to keep their visitors motivated to keep browsing their site.

We also focused on aligning their purchase triggers and motivation with being brave to try new source of protein and being part of the food revolution.

The Results

The new, optimized Shopify store delivered +61.76% boost in sales and reduced their customer support requests by half. The biggest improvement was on mobile devices – 134.94% growth in sales.

Key Results
+61.76%Conversion Growth
+134.94%Mobile Sales
30xReturn Of Investment

The new store is fantastic and helps our customers better understand why our product our so unique. John focused on explaining our unique selling proposition and it really helped us grow our sales.

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