The Company

Chapul is a successful startup in Salt Lake City with an investment from Mark Cuban at SharkTank. They create and sell award-winning food products made with cricket flour.


The biggest challenge was a very low mobile conversion rate compared to the desktop version. Their mobile site had a basic responsive styling with many user experience issues and no clear unique selling proposition making it very difficult to build engagement.

Another issue was the fact that most of their visitors are first-time buyers of cricket based products and their largest traffic sources are offline PR campaigns due to their repeated TV appearances.

The combination of TV viewers on mobile with short attention span, unfamiliar with the brand and website with UX issues and no optimization was a recipe for poor conversion performance.

Our Solution

We started with Ecommerce Audit to fully understand their customers’ behavior and find the main roadblocks in their conversion funnel.

The audit revealed that most of their traffic is landing on their homepage but they have high bounce rate. The scroll-maps and session recordings uncovered why – there was no obvious next step.

The data showed most of the visitors wanted to continue to category pages so we optimized the main banner with a strong value proposition and CTA. We also included category listing directly on the homepage.

All the changes resulted in 37.1% drop in bounce rate and helped us drive more traffic to product pages.

The next step was making sure their visitors understand the unique selling proposition of their products.

We performed customer research to hear the reasons why they purchased their products to form the right messaging. It resulted in creating category specific value proposition for their products such as nutrition benefits, environmental facts, and the overall focus on customer’s health.

We also created on-site polls targeting visitors abandoning their carts to find what stopped them from purchasing. It helped us to address all customer questions and implement risk reducers to make it easier to finish their purchase decision.

On top of that, we optimized the whole mobile shopping experience with UI changes, micro-engagements, urgency triggers and social proofs to make it engaging to buy their products.

Our strategy also focused on increasing customer lifetime value to maximize their revenue. We analyzed customer purchase data and identify common shopping behavior patterns.

We used the insights to create bundles and cross-sell offers to give their customers the most relevant product recommendations.

The Results

The optimization resulted in +54.5% growth in mobile sales and we managed to increase average order values by +20.3%.

Key Results
+54.5%Mobile Sales
+20.3%Avg. Order Value
18xReturn Of Investment

We tried to do many changes to increase mobile sales, but nothing really helped until we started to work with John. His team delivered the expertise we needed. They took the time to understand our business and rebuilt our mobile site to make it easy to use and to communicate our brand values. We saw great results in our conversion performance.

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