The Company

Snuz is premium UK brand of baby products focused on high quality, organic materials. E-coomerce is their primary sales channel next to being in some of the largest UK retail stores such as John Lewis or Mothercare.


The biggest challenge was a long time to a transaction and missing purchase triggers to motivate their visitors to buy their products on their first visit. Customers love their products but they often start shopping a few months before their baby is born and that results in no urgency.

Their products go often out of stock and there is good chance they won’t be available when customers finally make their purchase decisions. It results in lost in sales because they have to buy from competitors.

They also didn’t have any targeted cross-sell offers on their site and it resulted in many customers buying only a single item and leaving a lot of money on the table.

Our Solution

We tested different variations of urgency triggers related to the low stock availability of most of their items. The final implementation was “Last few in stock” info on product pages combined with live social proof (e.g. “10 purchased today”). It delivered 45.2% increase in add to cart rate and resulted in 27.1% boost in their sales.

We used the same approach and created “Last few in stock” warning on their shopping cart page combined with highlighting their 100-day return policy and free shipping. It helped them get additional 11.9% increase in sales.

We also improved their shopping cart page cross-sell offer and included more visible, highlighted section with a personalized copy to catch the attention of more visitors.

The offer was based on different product bundle options with additional 10% discount on the related products. It resulted in 9.1% increase in their average order values.

The Results

The complete optimization inlcuding “quick wins” implementation and over 15 A/B tests resulted in 46.3% growth of sales.

Key Results
+46.3%Sales Growth
+45.2%Add To Cart Rate
41xReturn Of Investment

Pixelter’s audit provided us with clear data-driven insight into our site. John and his team helped us to develop a deep understanding of the topics raised and guide us through the process of rectifying the issues identified. Highly recommended!

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