Do you want to discover your website issues and identify all opportunities to increase your online sales? Our Ecommerce Audit combines data analysis, user experience and customer research with Artificial Intelligence to create an actionable plan to improve your online store.

You already have so much data about your customers in your Google Analytics. But how to find insights and use them to improve your customers’ shopping experience?

Don’t just scratch the surface, we dig deep into your data to find the hidden gems and identify where your site is leaking money.

We analyze everything from customer motivation or concerns to checkout abandonment. In total, we perform 137+ data reports to leave no stone unturned.

The result is at least 50-page long audit document that includes dozens of data-backed recommendations to boost your conversion rate and grow your average order value.

You’ll also have a 90-minute session with a conversion expert to guide you through the findings and answer all your questions.

If you want to start converting more traffic into your customers, the Ecommerce Audit is a great way to start.


Pixelter’s audit provided us with clear data-driven insight into our site. John and his team helped us to develop a deep understanding of the raised topics and guide us through the process of rectifying the identified issues.

The conversion analysis provided by Pixelter has been the most thorough and relevant audit I have ever received. The information provided was invaluable in delivering a much higher quality user experience and in turn a noticeable increase in conversions. Not only do I highly recommend Pixelter for any e-commerce business but I believe it to be a necessity.

The audit of our store was very insightful. We didn’t know what to expect but John discovered 50+ issues and opportunities on our site. He also explained the best solutions to fix them. It helped us to improve our mobile experience and get the most of our holiday shopping season. Very happy with the results.

How do I know this is for me?

Do you see a large number of your visitors leave without any purchase? Are your mobile conversions much lower compared to desktops? If you don’t know how to fix your website, the Ecommerce Audit is for you.

Even if you’re already running A/B tests but not getting results you want, our audit will put your optimization strategy on steroids.

How will it benefit me?

You’ll end up with an actionable plan to increase your conversions and online sales. It’s not only about finding issues but also about giving you the best solutions.

You’ll have a list of recommended A/B tests and Quick Wins (to fix right away) with examples of implementations that best fit your store. You’ll get results starting day one.

What do I get in the Audit?

Process & Deliverables

We start with a kick-start call with you to understand your business inside-and-out and make sure your Google Analytics is setup correctly.

Next, we start with data analysis in your Google Analytics account. This is a very complex process of data mining and segmentation to find the hidden gems in your data.

We combine the findings with data collected via scrollmaps, clickmaps and session recordings to understand what’s happening on every page of your store and where your site is leaking money.

We move to Qualitative Research and create customer surveys and on-site polls to uncover what are the real reasons behind your conversion issues.

And finally, we perform Heuristic Evaluation and UX assessment to find any friction or missing urgency, value propositions or social proof (and 23 other things).

We then combine all findings to the audit document packed with actionable insights about your customers, a list of Quick Wins (fixes to be implemented immediately) and a list of A/B tests for every page on your site with data-driven insights.

Once we’re finished, we’ll schedule a 90-minute call with you to present all our findings and answer any questions.

Here is a list of final deliverables:

  • Ecommerce Audit Document (50-60 pages)
  • Actionable plan to optimize your site
  • Insights about your customers
  • 90-minute session with a conversion expert
  • Unlimited 3-month email support
  • The Audit Includes:
  • Google Analytics Setup Review
  • Conversion Funnel Analysis
  • Visitor Behavior Analysis
  • Audience Analysis
  • UX Assessment
  • Usability Testing
  • Click & Scroll Maps
  • Session Recordings
  • Customer Surveys & On-site Polls
  • Website Heuristic Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Cart Abandonment Analysis

How much does it cost?

Ecommerce Audit is a one-time fee without any strings attached. You can implement all recommendations in-house or continue to work with us on monthly basis.

Schedule your FREE strategy session and get your free proposal today.

How long does it take?

We’ll have your audit ready in 3-4 weeks. You’ll receive weekly updates about the progress.

Once the audit is finished, we’ll schedule a call together to explain all insights and findings.

What to do next?

You don’t need an Ecommerce Audit if you want to keep guessing what to improve on your online store. On the other hand, if you’re looking for someone to find why your visitors don’t convert to customers and to give you the solution, we’ll be a good fit!

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At first, we didn’t think we had any major issues but Pixelter’s audit revealed so many of them. They rebuilt our checkout process and the conversions almost doubled compared to before.

Alexis Tan - CEO,

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