Conversion Boost provides the “Done-For-You” solution for your ecommerce conversion optimization and personalization powered by our unique Pixelter CRO System™.

Our ecommerce conversion expert will use our AI-driven algorithms and A/B Testing to find where your website leaks money, and develop an optimization strategy to boost your online sales.

We’ll handle everything for you from the initial research to design and development of all improvements. We’ll become an extension of your team focused on converting your visitors into customers.

We don’t just change titles or button colors, we improve the whole shopping experience on your site and deliver a true 1-to-1 experience. Your customers will love shopping on your site when we’re done.

It’s especially important for mobile shoppers – we need to create a shopping experience without any friction or UX issues. That’s why our approach is mobile-first but we still cover your desktop version to provide the seamless experience.

Pixelter Conversion Boost

John and his team are the real experts and delivered great results. They helped us fixed our website conversion and identified many user experience issues we didn’t even notice.

How do I know this is for me?

Do you see a large number of your visitors leave without any purchase and you’re not sure how to improve your site? Do you have low mobile conversion rate? We’ll be a good fit!

Instead of spending months or years trying to improve your website and hoping for the best, you’ll get an instant access to e-commerce conversion experts with the unique AI-driven system that can deliver results in just a few weeks.

How will it benefit me?

Improving your conversion rate results in a boost in your online sales. At the same time, you’ll gain an advantage over competitors by decreasing your customer acquisition costs and increasing your average order values.

Our “Done-For-You” solution takes care of everything from the initial research to the successful implementation. You don’t have to allocate anyone on your team to handle it and you can spend your time building your business.

What do I get?

We start with an initial call with you to understand your business inside-and-out. Next, our conversion expert and our AI technology start working on finding the hidden gems in your data and collecting your customer insights.


We’ll find your conversion funnel bottlenecks very quickly and move to qualitative research to investigate the opportunities. The completed conversion audit includes:

  • Website review by a conversion expert
  • Conversion Funnel Analytics
  • Visitor Behavior Analytics
  • Audience Analysis
  • Mobile Analysis
  • Customer Surveys & On-site Polls
  • Google Analytics Setup Review
  • Scroll Maps & Sessions Recordings
  • UX Assesment & Usability testing
  • Cart Abandonment Analysis

The audit results are data-backed hyphothesis for A/B testing and personalization. We set priorities based on PIE framework and we create optimization plan for the upcoming months including two sections:


The next step is developing A/B tests and running them for at least 2 weeks (usually around 4) targeting statistically significant impact. Testing is an iterative process. We learn something from each test and keep improving our hyphothesis to get even better results every time.

Here is a list of final deliverables:

  • Conversion Audit Document (30-35 pages)
  • A/B testing roadmap
  • Personalization strategy
  • Advance customer tracking
  • Delivery of code, design & copy
  • AI-powered personalization engine
  • Unlimited email support
  • On call conversion expert
  • Monthly conversion report (9-12 pages)
  • 3-5 A/B tests every month

How much does it cost?

Schedule a consultation and get your free proposal.

We’ll create a unique optimization strategy for your store based on the number of visitors and your budget.

How long does it take?

We’ll have the initial audit ready in just 3 weeks and then start running your A/B tests and personalization. You’ll see the first boost in your sales within 4-6 weeks of starting working with us.

The minimum length of our optimization plan is 3 months, but most clients stay with us for much longer because they see great improvements every month.

What to do next?

You don’t need a Conversion Boost if you don’t mind leaving money on the table every day. On the other hand, if you want to take away all the stress from your conversion optimization and increase your online sales, get a free consultation & proposal!

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Pixelter has been doing a great job for Kohepets and we appreciate their help. Their conversion optimization strategy helps us with improving our online store and growing our sales.

Kim Heong - Director,

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