Your opportunity:
Increased sales & higher order value

Small tweaks to your store can give a strong push to your revenue. We analyze your data, improve your ecommerce funnel step by step and deliver personalized offers. With our optimization, you can remove the bottlenecks in your ecommerce funnel and convert more of your current visitors into customers...

Current salesNew salesAll traffic
+21.4% Sales

projected after our optimization

..or even more. Our clients enjoy results as high as 183.5% sales lift in just a few months without any extra marketing!

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The problem:
Your store is leaking customers

You have a marketing strategy in place and traffic to your store is great, but what if the visitors are leaving without any purchase? You can’t fix that with additional marketing. There could be lots of reasons why your store is not performing as well as it should...

Your conversion funnel may be broken and checkout process might be too complicated for your visitors.

Visitors can't find what they're looking for because of missing product filters, inappropriate product categories or a broken on‑site search.

You don't provide any personalized recommendations or targeted email campaigns based on your users' data.

There is a fix for them!

We analyze:
Your funnel & visitor data

You cannot simply “guess and hope” which changes to your store will achieve a higher conversion rate, or what products your visitors are more likely to purchase. Instead, we analyze your data to identify problematic areas and measure how exactly they impact your revenue...

Critical checkout funnel steps

We identify the bottlenecks in your checkout process that cost you sales. Be it a small issue in a headline, or a complex checkout form.

What users do in your store

You work hard to attract people to your store, but what happens next? We analyze every click to help you engage visitors and turn them into customers.

User behaviour paterns

Do your customers follow any paterns in their shopping behaviour? We find and laverage them to provide personalized content and highly targeted offers.

Demographics of customers

You know your target market, but who is more likely to purchase? We connect demographics data with your sales to create ideal customer profiles for better marketing strategies.

The results:
Conversion strategy & reports

We find the hidden gems in your data and develop a strategy to not only improve the current conversion rate but also create 1-to-1 customer experiences for all your visitors. It allows you to focus on growing your business and continually improve the performance of your store. Here is how we do it...

1Advance A/B Testing

Your data reveals the purchase points where visitors have difficulty moving down the sales funnel and we create solutions that can be scientifically tested.

It's a simple concept. We prepare two (or more) different versions of a page, collect data and measure which performs best.

The results:

  • More sales & higher conversion rate
  • Improved ROI of marketing campaigns
  • Higher revenue per visitor
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2Store Personalization

We interpret all your ecommerce data and find user behaviour paterns to predict preferences of your individual customers.

Your customers see personalized offers, product recommendations and follow up emails based on their interaction data.

The results:

  • 1-to-1 customer experiences
  • Advenced automatic user segmentation
  • Data-driven product recommendations
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Why Pixelter:
You get all in one pack!

We manage the whole process for you without adding any extra work to the schedules of your web or marketing teams. Pixelter becomes your personal "conversion manager", helping you grow your business and lift your revenues. Clients around the globe prefer Pixelter because:

#1 We get great results! In the past 4 years, we have delivered conversion boosts upto 183.5% and have provided tons of data-based advices to optimize marketing campaigns and business processes.

#2 We have worked with businesses just like yours. Focus on ecommerce gives us the advantage of experiencing almost every product category. Whatever you sell, chances are we already have helped someone like you.

#3 Our clientele is spread worldwide. Serving clients around the globe keep us updated on the upcoming trends in different regions. We have worked with clients in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, USA and UK.

Tools we use
Google Analytics
What our clients say
“John and his Pixelter team are fantastic. They went above and beyond helping us with our site’s conversion rate issues. Our sales improved by almost 43%!”
Michael S., Red Carpet
“John is always helpful and ready to answer any questions about our mobile app user data. We’re working together on increasing average order value with amazing results!”
Paul R., Shopper App

Packages and Pricing

We'll work with you to create a custom package that suits your ecommerce needs. But to give you an idea of potential packages, here are 3 popular options...

Conversion Audit

Just for $950

We analyze your data to identify any problems in checkout funnel, find why visitors don't purchase and much more. It helps you to start improving your sales immediately.

You get:

  • Sales funnel conversion analytics
  • Visitor behavior analytics
  • List of recommended improvements
  • Detailed report document (20-25 pages)
  • 60-minute call with a conversion expert
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Smart Ecommerce

Starting at $1250/mo

Your data holds many insights about your customers’ behavior. We analyze them, discover patters and create personalization strategy to help you lift your sales.

You get:

  • Advance user behaviour tracking
  • Personalization strategy & AI setup
  • Store integration & automatic segmentation
  • User & Sales performance reports
  • 45-minute call to walk you through reports
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Conversion Boost

Starting at $1450/mo

A 3-month intensive conversion boost program to increase your revenue. We research optimization opportunities, create tests and continually improve your store.

You get:

  • Three advanced A/B tests every month
  • Delivery of code, design & copy for tests
  • Metrics configuration and test management
  • Conversion results document (5-7 pages)
  • Weekly review call about the results
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We don’t complicate things,
we just drive you more sales

You can continue trying to find why your visitors don't finish their purchase, or schedule a free consultation and if you like what you see, we may work together. With our team working on your store’s optimization, you can peacefully relax and watch your revenues soaring in no time.

Our clients come to us because they see their traffic leaving without any sales...

...they invest in marketing to get the traffic and want to improve ROI. If you’re looking for someone to take away all the stress of your conversion optimization, with an inclusive, done-for-you service, we’ll be a good fit. We will give you a free consultation to discover how we can help your business grow.

John Komarek
Founder at Pixelter