Engage and Convert:
Set the stage for your success

To give your revenue a strong push, you need to attract the right customers, increase conversions and deliver personalized offers. With our optimization, we will eliminate as much bottlenecks as possible so you start on the right page.

#1 Grow & Retarget Audience

More visitors means more people to turn into customers. We only attract visitors willing to purchase from you and through retargeting, we bring those who did not make a purchase back to your store.

  • Attract new visitors to your site
  • Get more repeat visitors willing to purchase
  • Take your social marketing to the next level

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#2 Boost Your Conversion Rate

Small tweaks to your site can make a huge difference for your revenue. We will review your data to know where people leave your sales funnel and we will split test all improvements to find the best solution for you.

  • Identify & remove bottlenecks in sales funnel
  • Deliver a personalized customer experience
  • Convert more visitors into customers

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#3 Build Customer Loyalty

A great way to boost sales is to have repeat customers. We will make sure that your customers will be loyal to your store by providing you the means to stay in touch with them, showing that you value their purchase.

  • Gain high order values from repeat customers
  • Improve your social proof with customer reviews
  • Upsell products based on previous purchase behaviors

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Customer analytics:
Identify your unique opportunities

Increasing your sales is not guesswork. For you to achieve more sales, we will analyze your data and identify both problem areas and your marketing opportunities. We will also leverage on the latest industry highlights and measure how much it can impact your revenue.

Measure your marketing channels

We will review the performance of all your marketing campaigns, calculate your marketing ROI and identify channels with the highest sales growth potential.

Identify user behavior patterns

Discover how your visitors interact with your store. We learn how they navigate your site both on your mobile and desktop versions and what motivates them to make a purchase.

Find critical checkout funnel steps

Find the bottlenecks in your sales funnel that are making you lose potential sales. We will review your data and recognize issues that have the largest impact on your sales.

Learn from your existing customers

Listening to your customers is essential to your success. We will segment your customers and prepare targeted surveys to reveal your unique opportunities for growth and improvement.

Data-driven strategy:
A sales growth solution unique to you

We find the gems hidden in your data and develop a strategy based on it. Coupled with data of your customers’ behavior, we will increase your site traffic and more importantly, your sales. Here's how we plan to do it.

1Attract Quality Traffic That Converts

Traffic to your store is great, but what if your visitors are leaving without making any purchase?

Our marketing solutions are geared towards attracting people who are interested in your products and our conversion optimization will make sure that it will be easy for them to make a purchase.

The results:

  • More quality traffic
  • Increased conversion rate
  • Higher revenue per visitor
2More Sales, Higher Order Values

The revenue you generate is the most important success metric. Our solutions are designed to help you achieve more sales and upsell your products.

One of our goals is to make your customers come back, become repeat buyers who spread the word about your brand.

The results:

  • More sales & revenues
  • High marketing ROI
  • Unlimited growth potential

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Ecommerce is a fast growing industry that becomes even challenging as more businesses enter the field. To stay ahead of the competition, be on top of the latest marketing practices and let Pixelter become your personal conversion manager, helping you grow your business.

What Our Clients Say

"Pixelter team are fantastic. They went above and beyond helping us with our site’s conversion rate issues. Our sales improved by almost 43%!”
Michael S., Red Carpet
“Pixelter is always helpful and ready to answer any questions about our mobile app user data. We’re working together on increasing average order value with amazing results!”
Paul R., Shopper App