What Our Clients Say

We love the improved website. At first, we didn’t think our site had any major issues but Pixelter’s audit revealed so many of them. Really glad we decided to improve our conversions.

Alexis Tan - CEO, SimplyHamper.com

John and his team are the real experts and delivered great results. They helped us fixed our website conversion and identified many user experience issues we didn’t even notice.

Wendee Lee - Director, Biconi.com

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The Problem:Traffic to your store is great,
but 98% of visitors never purchase

If you want to get more sales from your traffic, you're in the right place! We dig deep into your website data to find & fix all bottlenecks in your conversion funnel and deliver a personalized shopping experience. Our unique Pixelter CRO Engine™ is proven by our customers’ success over the last 4 years.

  • AI-driven Data Analytics

    Find the opportunities that have the largest impact on your revenue. We use AI algorithms to discover where your website leaks money.

  • A/B Testing & CRO

    Using A/B testing and Baysian statistics allow us quickly measure the impact of website changes on your revenue and find the best improvements.

  • Personalized Experience

    Get access to the latest personalization technology using machine learning to deliver a true 1-to-1 experience to your customers.

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