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The Problem:Your Traffic Doesn't Convert

Traffic to your site is great, but if 99% of your visitors leave without any purchase, you are leaking money every day. But you cannot simply “guess and hope” which changes to your site will achieve a higher conversion rate.

  • Find Critical Conversion Steps

    Find the bottlenecks in your conversion funnel that are making you lose potential sales. We review your data and recognize issues that have the largest impact on your revenue.

  • Identify User Behaviour Patterns

    Discover how your visitors interact with your website. We learn how they navigate your site both on your mobile and desktop versions and what stops them from making a purchase.

  • Learn From Existing Customers

    We segment your customers and create surveys to reveal their concerns and motivation. It helps us identify your unique value propositions highlighting the benefits they’re looking for.

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The Solution:Data-driven Conversion Boost

We find the hidden gems in your data to identify where your website leaks money and develop an A/B testing strategy to improve your conversion rate. Our structured conversion approach based on our customers’ success over the last 4 years increases your online sales and average order values.

Stage 1 Research & Insights

We dig deep into your analytics data and focus on finding your site’s weak spots that make you lose money. Your initial audit includes quick-fixes designed to increase conversion rates immediately and an A/B testing strategy for your site.

Stage 2 Hypothesis Creation

Your site’s weaknesses are converted into A/B testing hypotheses that can be scientifically tested. We rank them based on their potential and focus on the most important ones first. We deliver all designs, code & copy needed.

Stage 3 Testing & Analytics

We perform A/B testing of our hypotheses and monitor the performance daily. Data analytics and statistical methods confirm the best changes for maximizing your conversion rate and improving your bottom line.

Stage 4 Reporting & Repeat

Your monthly report presents increased conversions rates, measurable lift to your revenue and valuable insights about your visitors. It also delivers recommendations for the next tests so we can continue growing your online business.

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Pixelter has been doing a great job for Kohepets and we appreciate their help. Their conversion optimization strategy helps us with improving our online store and growing our sales.
Kim Heong - Co-Founder
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We love the improved website. At first, we didn’t think our site had any major issues but Pixelter’s audit revealed so many of them. Really glad we decided to improve our conversions.
Alexis Tan - Founder
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9 Little-Known Tricks For "Killer" Conversion

We’ll share with you proven techniques that helped our customers achieve up to 183.5% boost in conversion rate. Fill in the form below and get instant access.

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