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Trying to boost ecommerce sales?

Turn your traffic into paying customers with conversion optimization services for web & mobile.

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Traffic to your store is great, but if users leave without any purchase, you are leaking money every day. Conversion rate optimization will lift your profits immediately.

I focus on increasing your everyday sales, not only more clicks on a button…

…right now, you already have access to all data that help you stop guessing why your visitors don’t finish their purchases. We can find creative solutions together to help you earn more money. Our clients enjoy conversion rate increases of between 10% to 200%!


John Komarek
Founder at Pixelter

How We Grow Your Sales

We identify where your website is leaking money and find solutions with the highest conversion rate. All by analyzing your visitors data and A/B testing all options.

Step 1: Research & Insights

We dig deeply into your analytics data and focus on finding your store’s week spots that lose you money. Your initial report includes quick-fixes designed to increase conversion rates immediately and long term improvements for your store.


Step 2: Hypothesis Creation

Your site’s weaknesses are converted into powerful hypotheses based upon collected data that can be scientifically tested. We rank them based upon the potential uplift and your sales funnel to focus on the most important ones first.


Step 3: Testing & Analytics

We perform A/B testing of your hypotheses and monitor their performance daily. Analytics of collected data and statistics methods confirm best changes for maximizing your conversion rate and improving your bottom line.


Step 4: Reporting & Repeat

Your monthly report presents increased conversions rates, measurable lift to your revenue and valuable insights about your customers. It also delivers recommendations for the next tests so we can continue growing your business.

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Why Our Clients Love Us

It’s simple! We make our clients more money every day and improve their marketing ROI. Same web or mobile app traffic, more paying customers. That’s why!

“John and his Pixelter team are fantastic. They went above and beyond helping us with our site’s conversion rate issues. Our sales improved by almost 40%!”

david-d1Michael S. – Red Carpet

“John is always helpful and ready to answer any questions about our mobile app user data. We’re working together on increasing average order value with amazing results!”

tomas-mPaul R. – Shopper App

More About Us

Pixelter is a conversion optimization agency focused on growing e-commerce revenue. We work with both web & mobile platforms to provide cross device solutions.

My name is John Komarek, I specialize in helping ecommerce businesses with converting their traffic to new paying customers. I deliver results as high as 200% sales boost in just few months…

…you set your goals, we do all the work for you. You don’t have to worry about understanding any of your analytics data and you can keep building your business while seeing your sales grow.

Years of experience with many ecommerce businesses

Web & mobile app A/B testing with measurable revenue boost

Free initial consultation for your conversion optimization strategy

mobile commerce consultant john komarek
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You don’t need conversion optimization if…

You don't mind leaving money on the table everyday

You want to keep guessing what to improve or change

You’re willing to keep your marketing ROI lower

You convert 100% of your app or web visitors

On the other hand, if you’re looking for someone to optimize your online store and increase your sales without adding extra work for your development or marketing teams, we’ll be a good fit!

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