Hi there! I’m John, the founder of Pixelter. There is one thing I’m really passionate about – delivering the best mobile shopping experience.

Hi there! I’m John, the founder of Pixelter. There is one thing I’m really passionate about – delivering the best shopping experience.

John Komarek Founder & Ecommerce Expert

In fact, over the last couple of years, we have helped more than 71 ecommerce businesses boost their sales by up to +276.6%.

How did we do it?

If you really want to beat your competitors, you need to provide a better shopping experience focused on your niche market. Essentially making your website a better salesperson.

Your biggest opportunity is using data to understand what stops customers from buying from you and improve your online store.

We combine data with UX, psychology and neuroscience to create a store that helps your customers make their purchase decision.

And that’s exactly what we can do for you – make your customers fall in love with your online store and motivate them to spend more money.

John Komarek Founder & Ecommerce Expert

Trusted By 71+ Ecommerce Companies:

You may ask…

What makes us different?

From the very beginning, we have always wanted to create top-notch ecommerce sites that help our customers grow. Generating traffic is easy these days but it takes a lot of work to convert it into customers.

We discovered a nice-looking site isn’t enough. That’s why we become obsessed with going the extra mile (well, 100 miles in our case) and use buyer psychology to build ultimate sales machines for our customers.

Here’s the kicker:

You already have a plenty of data about your customer shopping behavior. What you need now is an expert who can convert these data into insights and an actionable plan.

Let me give you 3 great reasons why we will change the way you sell online:

  • We’re Data-Driven – It isn’t a buzzword for us; it’s who we are. Every improvement, every recommendation you’ll get from us is backed by data about your customers’ shopping behavior. We’ll find and address all their concerns, doubts, and hesitations.
  • Ecommerce Focus – Many agencies serve multiple industries – SaaS, lead-gen websites, etc. We only work with ecommerce businesses because we understand the specific requirements when it comes to increasing actual online sales, not just form submissions.
  • Personalization Engine – We created our own ecommerce personalization engine driven by Artificial Intelligence. It allows us to personalize every step of your customer purchase journey and make sure they always see only relevant offers and purchase triggers.
Why Pixelter?

We’ll boost your online sales quickly

We’ll kick-start your ecommerce development or optimization in just a few days, no time wasted. You’ll get instant access to a conversion expert giving you valuable insights about your ecommerce performance.

Want to know the best part?

Our customers see the first results within 3-4 weeks of working with us and we consistently improve their sales every month. The conversion boost will give you more sales from your existing traffic, but also keep your customer acquisition costs down to allow you to scale your marketing campaigns.

The thing is…

Ecommerce is all we do!

We focus on being the best in the world in mobile-first ecommerce development and optimization – nothing else. We run countless AI-powered tests, spent thousands of hours analyzing data, developed hundreds of unique mobile user experiences and delivered a personalized shopping experience for millions of visitors.

We helped a variety companies from successful startups with an investment from Mark Cuban on SharkTank (Chapul) to huge international brands (MAM Baby) or the largest watch retailer in Europe (Watches2U).

We’ll become your personal “ecommerce optimization manager” without adding any extra work for your web or marketing teams.

Why our clients love us?

It’s simple! We help our clients get more sales from their existing traffic and improve their business KPIs. This allows them to lower their customer acquisition costs and scale their business. Our work is extremely results-oriented. But don’t just take our word for it…

Pixelter’s audit provided us with clear data-driven insight into our site. John and his team helped us to develop a deep understanding of the raised topics and guide us through the process of rectifying the identified issues.

Charlie Todd Marketing Manager, Snuz.co.uk

We have worked together for a number of years now and John has helped us completely transform our e-commerce site and improved all our KPIs. John takes an invested, hands-on approach to his work and he’s really passionate about it.

Wendee Lee Director, MyMamBaby.com

The conversion analysis provided by Pixelter has been the most thorough and relevant audit I have ever received. The information provided was invaluable in delivering a much higher quality user experience and in turn a noticeable increase in conversions. Not only do I highly recommend Pixelter for any e-commerce business but I believe it to be a necessity.

Claire Simon Director, EternityWeddingBands.com

We tried to do many changes to increase mobile sales, but nothing really helped until we started to work with John. His team delivered the expertise we needed. They took the time to understand our business and rebuilt our mobile site to make it easy to use and to communicate our brand values. We saw great results in our conversion performance.

Patrick Crowley Director, Chapul.com

The audit of our store was very insightful. We didn’t know what to expect but John discovered 50+ issues and opportunities on our site. He also explained the best solutions to fix them. It helped us to improve our mobile experience and get the most of our holiday shopping season. Very happy with the results.

Danny Toffel Director, Watches2u.com

At first, we didn’t think we had any major issues but Pixelter’s audit revealed so many of them. They rebuilt our checkout process and the conversions almost doubled compared to before.

Alexis Tan CEO, Simply-Hamper.com

What to do next?

You can continue trying to find out why your visitors don’t purchase.

Or you can choose the easier way and schedule a FREE Strategy Session with an ecommerce conversion expert.

We will review your site and give you instant insights about your main issues that stop your visitors from converting.

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