Are you building a new Shopify store? Or updating your existing theme? Our data-driven approach to Shopify development will give you a high converting store from the day one. Your new store will be optimized to understand your customers’ needs and become your best salesperson.

Complete re-design of your store can be risky. How do you know what motivates your customers to purchase your products without any research?

Understanding your customers inside-and-out is the key to get the best results for your new store.

That’s why we perform a full analysis of your existing site first. We start with 59+ data reports and customer research to find how to deliver the best shopping experience for your customers.

We’ll build more than just a beautiful Shopify theme for you, but the one that sells and generates you more revenue.

Mobile User Experience & PWA

We create a unique mobile shopping experience with all the bells and whistles to give your customers an easy way to purchase on mobile including progressive web app support out of the box.

Data-driven Approach

Using data analytics, UX research and customer surveys helps us find the hidden gems in your customer purchase behavior. We use them to deliver a data-backed plan to create your online store.

Bespoke design

The combination of your unique branding and our conversion optimized ecommerce design delivers the modern Shopify site you always dreamed about. Your customers will love shopping in your new online store.

1-to-1 Personalization

Each of your customers has different preferences. Our AI-driven engine tracks your customer shopping behavior and modifies your store real-time to increase your sales. No more generic homepages or recommendations.

Shopify App Development

Missing any features in Shopify? We develop Shopify Apps with server-less architecture to give you the flexibility to create any functionality you want. Embedded App SDK allows us to seamlessly integrate it into your admin panel.

Advanced User Tracking

The default Shopify tracking is a good starting point but if you want to better understand your customers, you need to track their every interaction and create insightful reports. We give you a full setup out of the box.

Our Latest Projects


MyMamBaby is the official store of MAM Group in Singapore selling their own baby products.

We created a new Shopify theme for them and optimized product discovery issues resulting in +49.7% sales increase.

John takes an invested, hands-on approach to his work. We have worked together for a number of years now and he has helped us optimize our e-commerce for optimal performance.

Wendee Lee Director,


Chapul is a successful startup with an investment from Mark Cuban at SharkTank. They create and sell award-winning food products made with cricket flour.

We helped them re-build their mobile shopping experience with extensive customer research. The optimized mobile site increased their sale by +54.5%.

John and his team delivered the expertise we needed. They took the time to understand our business and rebuilt our mobile site to make it easy to use and to communicate our brand values. We saw great results in our conversions.

Patrick Crowley Director,


Naiise is a marketplace for original, well-designed products with over 25,000 items in stock.

We worked with them on creating a new Shopify theme for their store and optimization of their customer shopping experience. The results are +27.3% increase in sales.

Our new site is looking amazing and their work is absolutely great. They went above and beyond to help us launch on time and delivered great improvements to help our customers find our products.

Amanda Eng Marketing Director,


Biconi is a cosmetics brand that produces high-end personal care products with 100% natural ingredients.

We transferred their store from WooCommerce to Shopify and optimized their design and mobile experience resulting in +143.7% increase in sales.

John and his team are the real experts and delivered great results. They helped us fixed our website conversion and identified many user experience issues we didn’t even notice.

Wendee Lee Director,


Entomo Farms is the largest North American producer of insect-based protein food products.

We created a new Shopify store for them focused on addressing their customer doubts and hesitation about the new paradigm of sustainable super-food resulting in +61.76% boost in sales.

Our new Shopify store is fantastic and helps our customers better understand why our product are so unique. John focused on explaining our unique selling proposition and it really helped us grow our sales.

Ryan Goldin VP of Sales & Marketing


Kohepets is the largest online pet store in Singapore with more than 10,000 products.

We transferred their online store from Magento to Shopify and built a modern template with built-in personalization and serverless features. The new site is 47.1% faster and increased conversions by +12.7%.

We’ve been working with Pixelter on improving our e-commerce site since 2015. When we decided to switch from Magento to Shopify, John helped us rebuild all custom layouts and advanced functionality. Very happy with the results!

Kim Heong Director,

Ips Perfect Chips

Ips Perfect Snacks is a Los Angeles based maker of protein-packed snacks sold in over 1,302 stores.

We built a brand-new Shopify store optimized for customers eager to learn about nutrition values and health benefits of their products compared to regular snacks options.

What a great experience. John is highly responsive, knowledgeable and a breeze to work with. Everything flowed so well, and we were launched in no time. Not only is the site aesthetically pleasing, but John’s expertise in user experience really shows.

Huw Olive Digital Marketing Director

How The Process Works?

Stage 1: Research & Insights

We begin with a kick-start call with you to understand your business inside-and-out. Next, we deploy user behavior tracking on your existing site including scroll maps, session recordings, and surveys.

We combine the findings with 59+ data reports to identify the biggest conversion roadblocks and collect data-driven insights to improve your sales.

Stage 2: Strategy & Wireframes

With the complete understanding of all issues on your existing site, we develop a strategy for your new store and start creating wireframes for the user experience.

The wireframes combine collected insights about your customers, our UX expertise and many other secret ingredients to craft a conversion optimized solution.

Stage 3: Design & Development

Final wireframes give us the foundation for your new user interface. We follow your branding guidelines to design mockups for both desktop and mobile.

Once the design is approved, we move to the code and develop your new Shopify theme using the latest practices. You’ll get an updated demo every week to monitor the progress.

Stage 4: QA + Support + Warranty

We test your new store on all modern browsers and devices to make sure everything is flawless. But just in case, we give you 5-month warranty and support for any bugs or issues.

We have the final demo together and fine tune everything to be 100% confident you’re on your way to success.

How much does it cost?

Our Shopify projects start at $5k/£4k. We’ll create a free proposal for you based on your unique requirements.

Let’s schedule a FREE strategy session with a Shopify expert and get your proposal today.

How long does it take?

The timeframe always depends on a number of unique layouts and the amount of research required. But in general, most our projects are finished in 3-6 weeks.

Are you on a tight deadline? Get in touch today and let’s see what we can do.

What to do next?

If you’re looking for a Shopify store that will increase your sales and deliver great shopping expreience, we’ll be a good fit. Get in touch, schedule a Free stragey session and let’s start growing your ecommerce business together.

Pixelter has been doing a great job for Kohepets and we appreciate their help. Their conversion optimization strategy helps us with improving our online store and growing our sales.

Kim Heong - Director,

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